An old friend

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An old friend

A colleague from the service is presumed dead for six years. You receive an invitation with his handwriting and his signature, with which he leads you in a room of a house located in a deserted district outside the town.
Is it possible to be him? And if so, from what is he hiding all these years?
The An Old Friend is a classic escape room with atmosphere full of mystery atmosphere, filled with clever logic puzzles and influenced by the mythology of the famous horror writer HP Lovecraft. Get into the role of investigator and follow the traces of your old friend into the unknown…


The cost of the room is for: 2 persons, 15 € per person | 3 people, 12 € per person | 4 people, 11 € per person | 5 people, 10 € per person.


Difficulty level 7/10
(+30) 211 216 70 75
Pigasou 1 & Dimonaktos
Neos Kosmos, Athens

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