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ATTENTION! The room 1989 is not suitable for persons who may be claustrophobic. If you think someone in your group needs to know it, please inform him/her. The room accepts STRICTLY up to four players with NO EXCEPTIONS.


Former East Germany, present.
The fall of the Berlin Wall led to the abandonment of a Soviet secret base. The position of which was recently revealed and the dusty envelope referring to the base is talking about the treasure of the Romanov…
Your mission is to invade quietly and recover part of the treasure if it really exists. It pays enough to retire forever. Will you dare to take?


The cost of the room is for: 2 persons, 15 € per person | 3 people, 13 € per person | 4 people, 12 € per person


Difficulty Level 8.5/10



(+30) 211 216 70 75
Pigasou 1 & Dimonaktos
Neos Kosmos, Athens

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